We Connect Brands and Micro-Influencers!

At SJC Agency, we believe that great ideas create natural growth... both for brands and for the micro-influencers they work with. Let's get started.

Wanted... Micro-Influencers!

Do you have a significant following on your blog, Instagram, or YouTube? If so, you have what it takes to be an influencer and reap the rewards of doing so. Simply by trying, using, and giving your honest opinions about legitimate products available on Amazon and elsewhere is what we can help you with. Your new career starts by contacting us so we can help.

Brand & Amazon Sellers Too!

Using micro-influencers is the most powerful and practical ways to build attention. Learn why it is catching on so quickly.

Working with micro-influencers not only increases sales. It draws in converting traffic from outside Amazon.
At the same time, it increases your conversion rate which we all know boosts rankings.

Who are Micro-Influencers?

Bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers with 10K to 50K followers on any network.

Why Micro-Influencers?

These individuals are uniquely positioned to be creative, inspired, and engaged.

Why Work with Brands?

Genuine promotion of quality products will provide real value to your followers.

We're standing by and want to help you now.





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Sandra Jane Creed is an independent agent that is focused on micro-influencers and the brands and products that can use their assistance. She is located in the Orlando, Florida area and takes pride in helping others succeed.